A Unique Approach to Energy

INVIRO takes building energy efficiency to the next level. We combine our efficiency consulting skills with our construction management skills to optimize your building’s energy and water use. What makes us different is that we are not salespeople. Your goals are our goals. 

Plus, we are familiar with the best of emerging technologies and materials that minimize your expenses, maximizing your profits.

We first take a hard look at all the systems that can drain cash from a building: lighting and electrical, plumbing, exterior walls and roof (“envelope”), windows, shading, and sometimes the building’s shape.

Then we come up with workable strategies to add that cash back to the business’s bottom line, using energy and water efficiency and solar power. The importance of customized solutions is that we figure out which strategy is most cost-effective for your building. For example, perhaps what yields the greatest bang for your buck is a lighting retrofit instead of HVAC retrofits.

We find solutions and make sure each contractor has a very clear direction on exactly what to install and how to install it.

Before the project is complete, INVIRO performs a final inspection to ensure all work is top-notch before contractors are paid their final payment.

With our Resource Management Services, have saved clients over 50% of their electric bills, imagine what your bottom line would look like.. You can see our press releases here and our client’s testimonials here.

We also provide guidance to figure out financing options, tax incentives and grants that reduce your up-front expenses.

Our fees are often based on how much cash we add to a business’s bottom line, so we have a major stake in our clients’ success.