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Solar Services

Due to high demand, we are now not only consulting and commissioning solar projects, we are installing them. With INviro, you can be rest assured to have the highest quality solar installation that will produce power for years to come. INviro’s CEO, Daniel Gamble, is a master electrician, plumber, NABCEP certified and dedicated to seeing the popularity of solar take hold. We are so confident in our installation methods that we provide our clients with a 5-year labor warranty. Please contact us today to schedule a site evaluation:

Types of Installation Services

Photovoltaic (PV) & Thermal

  • Residential (Net metering, grid-tied & off-grid)
  • Commercial

Not convinced about solar?

Solar Makes Dollars and Sense

  • Thanks to lower solar costs, tax credits and other approaches, it’s much easier to attain an ROI of less than 10 years, which is like attaining a better than 10% annual return on your investment.
  • With the power of the sun on your side, you can be energy independent and financially secure, because having solar is like pre-paying your electric bill at today’s rates, not tomorrow’s.
  • Due to a huge increase in global production, prices of this technology have fallen drastically in recent years.
  • We can help you select solar manufacturers that offer top of the line quality and are backed by a 25-year warranty.
  • “Solar Means Business Report”


  • You get to be a hero! It feels wonderful knowing that by using solar energy, people will have cleaner air to breathe and cleaner water to drink.
  • If you are concerned about future energy uncertainties, we can help you get off the grid.

Gaffney _Allison2

       4.3 kW Installation: Allison in Gaffney, SC



15 kW Solar Commissioning: Body-Tech Fitness, Morganton, NC