Construction Management: Process Details

We work with engineers, architects and installers to create the best solutions for your building’s systems, such as: lighting, solar, water, wind, HVAC, insulation, roofing and exterior walls, etc.

Pre-design Phase:

  • Review your energy savings goals and project budget
  • On-Site Needs Assessment

Design Phase:

  • Strategic Plan (including cost of ownership for standard equipment and return-on-investment analysis for proposed building performance enhancements).
  • Write detailed specifications for any upgrades you approve.
  • Create a bid packet including these specs and provide them to at least 3 pre-qualified vendors, installers, etc.
  • Answer any questions you may have to help you decide on which bidder is most qualified, putting your needs first as we are paid by you, not the bidders.

During Installation:

  • You or your general contractor will buy the materials and contract the installers directly.
  • We verify that building systems are installed and commissioned according to manufacturer’s specifications for maximum performance and efficiency.

After Installation:

  • Commissioning: You can use our third party oversight to ensure contractors install equipment correctly.
  • We can install an energy monitoring system to measure your energy expenses and track savings over time.

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