Commissioning Team

R. Joshua Lurton, QCxPR. Joshua Lurton

Josh is an experienced building professional with over twenty years of experience dealing with construction and energy systems.  He began working for sub-contractors in the 90’s performing installation and service on mechanical, refrigeration, lighting, and electrical systems.  This has furnished him with invaluable hands-on experience with energy systems that allows him to dive deep into the details of equipment and system issues and concerns.  Beginning in the early 2000’s, he began working for General Contractors.  He excelled in expanding his focus from the very specific to the very broad challenges presented in his new role.  This new and broad role prepared him well for the challenges he would face in his next venture as a Construction Manager.  In the mid-2000’s, he began working as the sole construction manager for a developer that worked in five different states.  The developer was also the owner and operator of most the projects developed so this brought additional focus to the entire life cycle of the project, not just through the end of the construction phase.  Josh was responsible for all phases, including due diligence, permitting, design, construction, operation, and major renovations.

The economic downturn of the last 2000’s presented an opportunity to make a change that did not make sense to some but made perfect sense to Josh.  He began work for a Commissioning and LEED consulting firm.  To some, the perception was that the focus switched from the very broad to the very specific.  While there is some truth to this, it is also true that all of the experienced gain to date would serve him well in his new role as a Commission Agent.  Having the very specific experience gained working as a field technician early in his career would serve him well in observing installation of individual components and discussing the installation with the contractor performing the work would prove to be invaluable in discovering issues during the construction phase.  The very broad experience gained with the construction process as a whole has proven to be quite useful, as well.  This allows Josh to understand when and where the proper milestones are the require involvement from the Commissioning Agent, allowing for and effective and efficient process.

Since beginning work as a Commissioning Agent, Josh has been involved in commissioning over 6 million square feet of new construction worth over $3.3 billion, acting as the primary commissioning agent on approximately 2/3 of these projects.  The projects have included large hospitals campuses, primary & secondary education, multi-family high rise housing, hotels, ports, public transportation, office space, and much more.  He has also been involved in retro-commissioning several existing buildings, including office and university buildings with ongoing issues.  His experience also includes performing Energy Audits and assessments.  The project scopes have included mechanical systems, controls systems, lighting, lighting controls, electrical distribution, backup generators, data and infrastructure, A/V, nurse call systems, security/intrusion/access control, domestic water, irrigation, photovoltaics, and building enclosures.  Josh has also assisted in the LEED certification process for a number of these and other projects.