SEEfficiency TM : See Your Power

As the saying goes: “You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Measure.” This especially applies to resource management. This software and monitoring system shows accurate measurements of how much energy or water each system in your building uses. SEEfficiencyTM can show this real-time usage and savings data in an interactive, sleek and simple format:



This is not only software, but a turn-key system that includes hardware, software and installation.



  • Energy monitoring system and data loggers to submeter your building, showing how much energy each system uses.
  • Kiosk
    • Touchscreen and optional kiosk stand


  • Slideshow
  • Real-time energy usage/savings graphs
  • Energy conversions
  • Informational slides, including your photos and videos
  • Customized to include your logo, text, photos and videos.

Extra Options: Full customization of the graphics and interface: shapes, colors, interactivity, sound, etc

Regardless of how efficient or inefficient your site is, a quality measuring tool will log the power use of each major load and display the results on a graph that you can access online or on a custom energy kiosk.


  • See how your energy is being wasted.
    • For example, you may discover that leaving the lights on overnight is costing you 10% or more of your total power bill, or you may find that those electronics you thought were “turned off” actually draw hundreds of watts 24/7!
  • Help identify problems with household systems, such as over-sized air conditioners or pumps that run more than needed.
  • See net gains from solar energy systems, so you can track the potency of your investments, or learn what changes need to happen before you can become totally net-zero or off-the-grid.
  • For a business, school or non-profit organization, you can educate your visitors about the 21st century technologies working silently within your building.  Such educational tools will help to prove to your community that you are devoted to sustainability, while inspiring others to value the conservation of natural resources for future generations.

The pricing is competitive, but depends on customization and site conditions. Contact SEEfficiency for a quote and live demo.


“It looks awesome. Absolutely awesome. Thanks for the great work.” – Robert Hughes, Jr. of Hughes Development